Following Christ and Brokenness

14 Nov

In accepting and following Christ, we must experience brokenness; that is to know that we are weak, broken and incapable in living our lives: to sustain, deal with others – let alone to live up to God’s perfect standard.

When we admit and embrace the fact that we are broken, we should also know that our God is all powerful and is an endless source of strength, wisdom and joy. And the good news is, God wants to help is and fill us with His ever overflowing strength, power, wisdom and joy – only because He loves us so much!

We can do ALL things through His power (Phil 4:13). “All things” mean literally all things, with no exception. But it takes two to do all things:
1. Our humility – realize, admit and embrace that we don’t have it all together and that we need God.

2. the work of the Holy Spirit, which has been given to you (yes it has been given to you, so you have it now!).

Remember that “God gives grace the humble but He opposes proud”
(1 Peter 5:5)

Be blessed.

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