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16 May

Yo! Check out our listings at ✌️we offer awesome bed & breakfast service you’ll ever experience. My family owns the place and my dad tends this place on his own.. From designing the layout until planting the trees. In Rumah Pakem you’ll be staying in a 3 HA area with private pool with small waterfall, a dragonfruit and salak plantation (yes you can pick the fruits if they’re in season), a view tower looking out to Merapi (we’re still in a safe distance in case the mountain coughs up), an open air kitchen, a huuuuuge grass field and many more 🌴🌳💐🌾. Contact @hanamaha or go to for more info 😊🙏 thanks! #airbnb #jogjakarta #yogyakarta #omahpakem #rumahpakem #bednbreakfast #visitjogja #visitindonesia #hotel #travel – with Hana

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