27 Dec

From Instagram account @deblovesquats

this was a few days ago, after training with my loved ones. We hung out by the pool after doing a circuit because my fiancé prefers swimming over the gym 🏊 and yes it is totally fine 👌

I’m honestly sick of hearing people say ‘this exercise is not as good as _______’ or a zillion other exercise-comparing comments (one that I can’t really take is ‘don’t do weights or you’ll get bulky, women should just do ______ instead’)😒😤.

For me, the key is: do whatever works best for your mind and body – do any physical exercise that you like, as long as your body gets moved, trained and challenged. But of course, if you have certain goals, there are some exercise that you can’t avoid (i.e. If you want to expand your lung capacity – do cardio ; if you want muscle gain/hypertrophy – do weights). But if you just want to keep yourself healthy and fit, by all means, do what you enjoy the most: running, swimming, weightlifting, basketball, badminton, jogging, pilates, yoga,… (maybe except chess 😜, it is considered sport at the Olympics, but…) – with Hana and Kirana 🌹

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