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A Few Words on Fitness

30 Jan

Fitness is not only about pursuing your dream body, it’s more than that: Fitness is about being healthy, inside and out – mentally and physically.
However, how you treat your body will have a big impact on your outer appearance. 💃✌️ Sadly, most of us gets lost in the middle of our journey and focusing the whole thing solely on our outer appearance. As this happens, we start making unhealthy decisions, thinking that those decisions will help us to ‘look like that’ quicker; we start to skip meals, doing excessive training or putting ourselves in a diet regiment so strict we don’t even enjoy our food anymore.🙅😢 Ladies, let’s start today with a mindset that fitness needs to happen inside and out. Feed your soul well, just how you feed your body. Have a blessed day 🙏. @deblovesquats – with Peppytorial💗, 💎upi💋, Kirana 🌹, and Hana

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A Few Words on Sharing

3 Jan

Happy New Year!!

Please let me share the devotional notes I made when I was doing devo with my fiancée today.

It’s based on our church’s daily digest and it is about sharing.

Philemon 1:4-6

sharing is always good, that’s why sharing becomes one of the main commandments that Jesus gave to His disciple: to share the good news.

Sharing helps both of the parties at each end: it teaches the giver to give and it can be counted as a blessing to the receiver. As giver, we sometimes undermine the impact of sharing: the effect and after effect of sharing is beyond our knowledge – it surpasses what the eye can see, as it can affect people emotionally too – and usually, when they have experienced generous sharing from others, people would pay it forward.

My application:
I want to start sharing mindfully to others.

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