Enjoy the Process

9 Feb

One important I learn in my fitness journey is that, I enjoy what I’m doing. Yes, I actually DO ENJOY what I am doing: lifting weights, doing pull-ups, being sweaty and so on… (other things I enjoy doing is talking and sharing about God’s love ❤). So when people ask me how do I motivate myself, I simply say “that’s what I love doing”.

But I understand being active is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it does not mean that fitness is exclusive to its lovers. NO. We’ve all learned that humans are creatures of habit; so the more you practice, the more you love it and the more you’re better at it.

I did not come out of my mother’s womb loving the fit lifestyle. I started this journey around 9 years ago when I graduated from highschool and realized that I needed to move more. But it was that (first step at the gym + determination + up & downs) that have brought me to where I am now. I believe the same formula will work for you all ❤

Good night 🌛 – with Kirana 🌹

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