16 May

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a self-reminder

29 Apr

“It’s so much easier to want to be understood than to understand. It’s easier to receive than to give. It’s much easier to be passive than active. But, be active anyway.”

Good night.

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A Precious Lesson from my Father

12 Apr

I learned a precious lesson from my Dad last night:

While some of my close relatives are pushing my sister and I to learn about my father’s business (so that we can continue the legacy in the future) and worrying about some people that are too involved in the family business (that they might take over the business later on), my father has a different say:

“I can see that God has been using me to be His channel of blessing for some people; what if, right now God is also using me for the future of their legacy?

I know how God’s love has been crazily working in my life, remembering how I was and how I am now. It’s possible that God works this way in my employers’ lives too.

If none of you (my sister and I) would be involved in the business I’m doing right now, maybe God has other plans: maybe someone else will run it, or maybe He’ll change it to something entirely different. I don’t mind it as long as it is used for His work and glory. But if you girls want to continue it, I’ll be more than glad to pass it on and give everything to both of you. You girls are my priority and whatever I have, is yours.

But I learned that the best gift you can give to your children are not material things. God is the ultimate owner of all things, so it’s possible that whatever you have now, one day, God wants to use it in someone else’s life. Material things will vanish in the end, and when the time comes for us to see God, you won’t bring anything but your character.

So the best gift you can give to your children? Teach and show them godly character.”

LOVE as our goal

3 Apr

Finished reading a devotional on 1 Timothy 1 and I am reminded that the goal of instructions, is, after all, Love:

…to love God and love others, with pure heart, clear conscience and sincere faith.”

It is not about knowing more so we can build up our fortress of knowledge so that we can answer every question asked, be it by others or the ones that our mind produces. Of course, knowing more about God and what He is saying ia vital, but, when it doesnt produce love, it doesn’t serve its purpose.

“Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up”
1 Cor 8:1

13 Mar

Potala Palace, Lhasa, Tibet. Unreal experience, sometimes I still wonder how and why we went there in the first place. The ‘why’ probably because it was my mum’s @ratnamahatma dream, but HOW? …God took us there #tbt #throwbackthursday #tibet #lhasa #facebookwasbannedthere #sowastwitter #cantbreathe #oxygendeficiency #family #potala – with Hana

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13 Mar

Having a relationship without relying on God is like two people trying to give to one another what they seem to have, but in reality, they don’t. Eventually, it ends up in deficiency and pain. #Godisthesourceoflove

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Be Faithful in Small Things!

15 Jan

“…be faithful in small things” – pfft. How many times have we heard this #mostuttered advice in our lives? Everytime I hear or read this – be it at church, in a speech or in the Bible – my mind will then automatically respond “…because if you’re not faithful in small things, how can you expect to be trusted with bigger things?”

And it happens so often that if would go to and through my head (maybe, with a little stop where i’d impulsively say “that’s right”).This morning I stumbled upon the same advice, but it spoke to me differently and led me to see it from a fresh perspective. In this case, I’d like to thank ps. Steven Furtick for his devotional ‘Sun, Stand, Still’ – it reminded me that the Word of God is always new everyday! I’ve never thought before that God’s extraordinary miracles are usually a follow up of simple act of obedience.

when you strip the biblical miracles of their spectacular special effects, a common plot point emerges:

extraordinary moves begins with ordinary act of obedience

Look at the story of Moses for example. Before he did all the crazy things like parting the Red Sea, where did it start before all of that happened? When he saw the burning (but not burnt) bush.

Let’s rewind a little more..

What took place before he saw the burning bush? He was tending his father-in-law’s sheep and goats. (Exodus 3:1-10)

I’m convinced that tending Jethro’s sheep was not a once-in-a-lifetime experience or an annual event for Moses. Perhaps, his tending the sheep is like ours usual office day, mundane uni classes or a regular meeting with that client. Moses’ days of tending sheep were ordinary, but what God did (and could do, in your case) was, is and will be extraordinary.

So let’s lean in closer to God, listen and look out for more what He has for us today. When he saw the burning bush, Moses came closer and wanted to see, but when as he came closer and tried to learn what was happening, God told him to not come any closer and to take off his sandals. Look around and try to listen if God is trying to show us our burning bush today (through the scripture, prayer, anyway He wants to speak to you), and yield to what He commands: stop, take off your sandals, talk to that person, follow up with that deal, don’t close the deal, cancel the appointment, make an appointment, finish the assignment … anything God tells you to do through the Holy Spirit in you.

If God is calling you to make a big difference today, He is likely to start in a small way.

(inspired by “Sun Stand Still” Devotional by Steven Furtick)

Following Christ and Brokenness

14 Nov

In accepting and following Christ, we must experience brokenness; that is to know that we are weak, broken and incapable in living our lives: to sustain, deal with others – let alone to live up to God’s perfect standard.

When we admit and embrace the fact that we are broken, we should also know that our God is all powerful and is an endless source of strength, wisdom and joy. And the good news is, God wants to help is and fill us with His ever overflowing strength, power, wisdom and joy – only because He loves us so much!

We can do ALL things through His power (Phil 4:13). “All things” mean literally all things, with no exception. But it takes two to do all things:
1. Our humility – realize, admit and embrace that we don’t have it all together and that we need God.

2. the work of the Holy Spirit, which has been given to you (yes it has been given to you, so you have it now!).

Remember that “God gives grace the humble but He opposes proud”
(1 Peter 5:5)

Be blessed.

Peace, Promised

8 Sep

Sunday morning and I woke up feeling restless. Asking God why, this is the answer He gives me — peace assurance, if we live in him. However, Jesus also said it clearly that tribulations and troubles WILL come (as long as we’re still walking on this earth); that’s why he reminds u to fix our gaze, our soul and our perspective in him, so we may have peace.


Heaven on earth is this: when you look at Jesus, knowing that he has battled our wars and won (‘our wars’ means our wars on earth: finanscial struggles, heartbreak, disappointment, wounds, trials, executions, persecutions and all of the other things that you find difficult), ultimately knowing that YOU HAVE OVERCOME this problem you’re thinking about right now.


Heaven on earth is eternal perspectives.

Leap Over the Wall

28 Aug

It’s almost the end of August. So there goes my promise to you about posting frequently. Whooss, out the window. Nevertheless, I believe it is never to late for anyone to restart anything.

Today, I stumbled upon a very encouraging verse in Psalm

” …for it is YOU who light my lamp, the Lord my God lightens my darkness. For by YOU I can run against a troop, and by my God I can leap over a wall.”
(Psalm 18:28-29)

Lately, I’ve been asking a lot about the clear path and directions I should take in my life . I knew I had the calling three years ago, and I was so fervent in my pursue towards my goal. But reality has been taken me over, and before I realized it, I found myself surrounded and sedated by the routines. I personally don’t think my routines are bad or necessarily evil; however, they’ve got me busy and taken my zeal in pursuing the goal God has set before me. Right now, I feel like I am facing a wall, and I really don’t know where I should turn to. Right in front of me, is a big sense of responsibility my parents have put for me. They suggested that I work for them and hold a quite substantial position in the company (which I honestly don’t really want to be in). But for now, it feels like it’s the right thing to do. The word of God told me that I can leap over the wall, and this wall, I shall leap 🙂

Being faithful, patient and obedient is all that I need to do.

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