18 Feb

When it comes to PMS, Magnesium does not have the attention it deserves. Study shows that women who consume 400-600mg of magnesium per day are experiencing less severe PMS Symptoms including stomach cramps, sugar craving and water retention (bloating).

It is revealed that during PMS, magnesium levels in our bodies are depleted and this can cause spasm in the brain arteries – which will later cause all PMS symptoms such as headache, cramps, sugar cravings, low blood pressure and water retention.

As advised by my dear brother @alexjliu, I started consuming magnesium two months ago and I am experiencing the claimed results. My stomach cramps lessen and although my body still retains water during PMS, it is now not as bad as how it used to be (YES!). Magnesium can be easily bought at your local pharmacy or health store.

PMS? No worries.

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