On Authenticity

25 Nov

Is authenticity overrated? 

What it authenticity?

Verbally saying what we think – unfiltered?


Acting on any impulses – that we may or may not, have tried to cage within?

When one talks about authenticity,

One would ask,

How good of a virtue is self-control?

Say I don’t like a person,

And I want to hurt that person.

Should I then:

Apply self-control and not hurt that person (and probably be, say, a hypocrite)


follow my instinct and just lash it out because that’s what I want to do. 

Where should we draw the line?

Is authenticity overrated?

Or is it simply misinterpreted, or misunderstood?

25 Nov

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch
(Blake Crouch is the author of Wayward Pines)
Rating 4.0/5.0
• • •
What a mind-twisting read! Literally “out of this world”.

It’s a story of Jason, a middle-aged family man who chose his family over career; being abducted one night, Jason was taken to a place where he questioned everything he knows: his wife, his son, his career, his house, his car – are they even real? Has he lived in a mere imagination, or are there other possibilities out there?

I am actually not a sci-fi fan to begin with, but this book sucks my attention right from the first few pages. Well done Blake Crouch!

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14 Sep

Home – with Mayanto and Hana at Omah Pakem

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18 Feb

When it comes to PMS, Magnesium does not have the attention it deserves. Study shows that women who consume 400-600mg of magnesium per day are experiencing less severe PMS Symptoms including stomach cramps, sugar craving and water retention (bloating).

It is revealed that during PMS, magnesium levels in our bodies are depleted and this can cause spasm in the brain arteries – which will later cause all PMS symptoms such as headache, cramps, sugar cravings, low blood pressure and water retention.

As advised by my dear brother @alexjliu, I started consuming magnesium two months ago and I am experiencing the claimed results. My stomach cramps lessen and although my body still retains water during PMS, it is now not as bad as how it used to be (YES!). Magnesium can be easily bought at your local pharmacy or health store.

PMS? No worries.

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Questions about ABS

10 Feb

“How long does it take for you to have those abs?” / “oh, I dont’t want a six packs, I just want to have those two lines. How do you get them?”

Those are two of the most frequest questions I get asked a lot. My answers are:

1. It really depends on each individual, but for sure, it takes time and effort. Abs don’t just pop up the week after you did 100 sit ups every night (unfortunately). Especially for women, abs are one of the hardest muscle to be surfaced and toned, because naturally we carry more fat. There is ABSOLUTELY NO MAGIC SECRET to having abs ❌ it’s pure PROPER TRAINING + NUTRITION 💪🍗. Nothing else.

2. Girls, I wish I could choose what I have too but unfortunately, this is genetics. I have been training for a while and I have been wanting those lines, and I cannot have them. When I train and nourish properly, what I’m getting are those little packs and not the lines. The key to this is to be happy and grateful for how God has shaped your body 😊 six packs or lines, or neither six packs nor lines, we are beautiful 👸👱

Have a good one!

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Enjoy the Process

9 Feb

One important I learn in my fitness journey is that, I enjoy what I’m doing. Yes, I actually DO ENJOY what I am doing: lifting weights, doing pull-ups, being sweaty and so on… (other things I enjoy doing is talking and sharing about God’s love ❤). So when people ask me how do I motivate myself, I simply say “that’s what I love doing”.

But I understand being active is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it does not mean that fitness is exclusive to its lovers. NO. We’ve all learned that humans are creatures of habit; so the more you practice, the more you love it and the more you’re better at it.

I did not come out of my mother’s womb loving the fit lifestyle. I started this journey around 9 years ago when I graduated from highschool and realized that I needed to move more. But it was that (first step at the gym + determination + up & downs) that have brought me to where I am now. I believe the same formula will work for you all ❤

Good night 🌛 – with Kirana 🌹

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A Few Words on Fitness

30 Jan

Fitness is not only about pursuing your dream body, it’s more than that: Fitness is about being healthy, inside and out – mentally and physically.
However, how you treat your body will have a big impact on your outer appearance. 💃✌️ Sadly, most of us gets lost in the middle of our journey and focusing the whole thing solely on our outer appearance. As this happens, we start making unhealthy decisions, thinking that those decisions will help us to ‘look like that’ quicker; we start to skip meals, doing excessive training or putting ourselves in a diet regiment so strict we don’t even enjoy our food anymore.🙅😢 Ladies, let’s start today with a mindset that fitness needs to happen inside and out. Feed your soul well, just how you feed your body. Have a blessed day 🙏. @deblovesquats – with Peppytorial💗, 💎upi💋, Kirana 🌹, and Hana

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A Few Words on Sharing

3 Jan

Happy New Year!!

Please let me share the devotional notes I made when I was doing devo with my fiancée today.

It’s based on our church’s daily digest and it is about sharing.

Philemon 1:4-6

sharing is always good, that’s why sharing becomes one of the main commandments that Jesus gave to His disciple: to share the good news.

Sharing helps both of the parties at each end: it teaches the giver to give and it can be counted as a blessing to the receiver. As giver, we sometimes undermine the impact of sharing: the effect and after effect of sharing is beyond our knowledge – it surpasses what the eye can see, as it can affect people emotionally too – and usually, when they have experienced generous sharing from others, people would pay it forward.

My application:
I want to start sharing mindfully to others.

27 Dec

From Instagram account @deblovesquats

this was a few days ago, after training with my loved ones. We hung out by the pool after doing a circuit because my fiancé prefers swimming over the gym 🏊 and yes it is totally fine 👌

I’m honestly sick of hearing people say ‘this exercise is not as good as _______’ or a zillion other exercise-comparing comments (one that I can’t really take is ‘don’t do weights or you’ll get bulky, women should just do ______ instead’)😒😤.

For me, the key is: do whatever works best for your mind and body – do any physical exercise that you like, as long as your body gets moved, trained and challenged. But of course, if you have certain goals, there are some exercise that you can’t avoid (i.e. If you want to expand your lung capacity – do cardio ; if you want muscle gain/hypertrophy – do weights). But if you just want to keep yourself healthy and fit, by all means, do what you enjoy the most: running, swimming, weightlifting, basketball, badminton, jogging, pilates, yoga,… (maybe except chess 😜, it is considered sport at the Olympics, but…) – with Hana and Kirana 🌹

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12 Dec

I still cannot fathom what God has done in my life.. This little girl is my good friend’s, Benson from Kenya, baby daughter – and he named the baby after the name my parents have given me 😭 God is doing great things to Debora in this lifetime as how He did in the Old Testament time #JesusistheGreatest – with Jantan, Michael, Alexander, and Hana

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